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Jews & Muslims: Origins (610-721)
Part of the Series: Jews & Muslims: Intimate Strangers - 4 Part Series
This is an account of the birth of Islam and a history of conquest stretching from Persia to Spain. For the conquered, what was their place in this empire? For the polytheists they had little choice but to convert, for…
Entrepreneur's Guide On Launching A Business
Part of the Series: Entrepreneur's Guide Series
A comprehensive, in-depth and entertaining series that mentors young entrepreneurs on launching and growing a business. From startup to the growing pains of a billion dollar business, it is all covered. Plus over 15 highly successful, real-world young entrepreneurs share…
Malcolm X - Murder In New York
Part of the Series: Political Assassination Series
In the opinion of some, his name still stands for violent black activism, his anti-white acid and incendiary speeches are still quoted by advocates of violence. But for most, his name has become the symbol for peaceful means to resolve…
The Beat Generation
This documentary tells the story of the incredible and enduring friendship between Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, and how they gave birth to the literary movement of the Beat Generation. It begins in New York, at the end…
The Last Days Of The USSR
From 1989 to 1991 a string of unpredictable and inescapable events happened. A jolting acceleration of history brought to light the rivalry between two men and their struggle for power: Gorbachev, hindered by the economic results of his perestroika, and…
The Placebo Effect
The placebo effect has long enjoyed a notorious reputation. To attribute a cure to the placebo effect, was to consider that the illness was created in the mind of a hypochondriac. If a hypochondriac invented the illness, then a hypochondriac…
Jews & Muslims: The Separation (1789-1945)
Part of the Series: Jews & Muslims: Intimate Strangers - 4 Part Series
History now takes us to Europe: the French Revolution. Nation-states. The Jews, now European citizens, became the target of a more asserted anti-Semitism. But having incorporated the new national elites, they began to take a greater interest in the fate…
Jews & Muslims: Narratives at War (1945 to Present Day)
Part of the Series: Jews & Muslims: Intimate Strangers - 4 Part Series
In 1945, the world discovers the horror of the Nazi camps. In 1948, the birth of Israel aroused anger and bitterness among Arabs and Muslims, but triggered joy and exultation throughout the Jewish world. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were…
Jews & Muslims: The Place of the Other (721-1789)
Part of the Series: Jews & Muslims: Intimate Strangers - 4 Part Series
In the year 721, the Muslim Empire was vast. Across the empire Jews and Christians were minorities motivated by a desire to obtain the most favorable status. Their quest for an elevated status within the empire did not hinder cultural…
Modern Love: Swingers
Part of the Series: Modern Love: Love Stories For A New Millennium
Is monogamy necessary for love? Meet one outrageous suburban couple who participates in an unusual community devoted to "swinging" - where couples partake in recreational sex with other couples. This is an organized phenomenon where the women wear the pants…
A Patient's Guide To Cardiac Procedures/Angioplasty (PCI)
Part of the Series: A Patient's Guide
Commonly known as angioplasty, this program covers what happens on the day of the procedure, immediately after the procedure, through to at-home care. This program is designed to help set expectations and to successfully help individuals understand the angioplasty procedure.…
The Graduates
Part of the Series: Reel China Series
This Song GAO directed documentary follows the stories of Feng Haitao, Li Yuchun, and Jin Lian after they graduate from the Sichuan Normal University. As they seek employment in one of China's largest cities, Chengdu, the program makes us question…
Femme - Women Healing the World
Femme is a celebration of Women around the World. It is an innovative effort to illuminate the thoughts, voices and insights of women the world over. It is an opportunity for women to be heard and to hear one another…
World Crisis: Tiananmen Square
This engrossing and highly recommended program examines the cause and subsequent effect of the crisis - from looking at the social and political climate at the time, to examining how each event has changed the world - whether through legislation,…
Mahatma Gandhi: A Death For Peace
Part of the Series: Political Assassination Series
Mahatma Gandhi is considered the father of the partition of the Indian Empire into India and Pakistan. Over 50 years later it is critical to analyze Gandhi's struggles in context with the simmering tensions that headline world events today.
History Of Life: Plants, Earth’s Quiet Rulers
Part of the Series: History of Life
Plants, the oldest form of life on earth hold many mysteries. While plants are often thought of as passive, we will see how many species have adopted aggressive strategies that have allowed for their survival. It is these "quiet rulers"…
Modern Love: Polyamorous Family
Part of the Series: Modern Love: Love Stories For A New Millennium
Can a multiple-partner marriage work? Is 3 really better than 2? Dawn was first married to Troy, but then both of them fell in love with Lon. Now they consider themselves a married "triad." How does the household work? Sleeping…
The Lost Cities Of The Maya
Part of the Series: Secrets of Archaeology
Take a virtual reality tour of one of history's most intriguing ancient civilizations. Travel to the magnificent Mayan cities of Uxmal, Tulum, Chichen Itza and the capital Palenque, with its great pyramid built by master mathematicians.
Modern Love: Transgender
Part of the Series: Modern Love: Love Stories For A New Millennium
Imagine your husband of 25 years comes home one day and says he wants to change his gender and become a woman. Experience the remarkable story of Gayle, a small-town wife whose husband PJ did just that. Is love truly…
Part of the Series: 100 Years, 100 Events
Every decade has its share of important events. But in this completely engrossing series we bring you only the best, the most far-reaching, the most worldly, and the most consequential. You will see a unique clarity of history through the…